Sweet Blood, Part 2

So much waiting.

From the Trillium Center where I teach.

Sitting and staring at trees. Moving firewood. Standing and staring at the bubbling sap. Feeding the insatiable stove. Sitting and watching the dogs who are staring at me. Waiting.

Sweetness comes to those who wait.

As the sap drips, the sugar cooker rumbles with great appetite. Fire is hungry.

It greedily sucks Air into the sugar shack, echoing the rumbling of the passing trains, a grumbling not unlike the earthquakes of my childhood. Echos of the passing of time.

Sugar shack at BLD farm.

Condensation drips from the ceiling, fickle Water, rising then falling. The original thermometer. Memories surface with the rising sap.

And Earth. Earth brings me trees. Their sap, their limbs, their twigs. Fuel and food. To feed Fire. The Fire of process. The Fire in my belly.

The fifth element, Vitality lives through all of these things, spinning and weaving.

The Elements of maple syrup.

Explore the Elements here with me.

Sweet Blood, Part 1 was posted last April.