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The stories in these online classes come from my heart. The lessons are my lessons learned, my direct experience, and my daily practices in herbalism. The first class is a free rendering of my lessons learned for staying well in unpredictable scenarios. Herbal Resilience in Uncertain Times is a collection of short stories about my experience as a street medic and disaster herbalist. I use a learning platform that allows comments and sharing of photos so that we can all share stories, ask questions, and learn together. Also includes a downloadable PDF on herbal safety.

Elemental Herb Craft is part travelogue and part experiment in developing a system of herbalism based on place and how the elements uniquely shape the places that we live. Elemental Herb Craft has recipes and activities to help you develop your own sense of place-based (aka bioregional ) herbalism.

Did I ever tell you that I studied literature at university? Well, here’s the proof. I use the characters of Wonderland and their adventures as a way to understand the basic traditions of herbalism. Herbs work best if they are matched to the person not their disease. Reading the Looking Glass gives you ideas for how to assess yourself and develop personal herbal formulations. This class allows you to comment and post photos and documents so that you can learn to practice regular assessments as your spirit, mind, and body needs change.

Health & Safety Kits: Prevention & Preparedness is an online exercise in building an expanding sense of prevention and preparedness in mind and body. The stories and activities will show you how to do this for yourself, with strategies for building off of the basic “box” and expanding that to family, friends, and community. Whether you have first aid experience or not, you can build a health and safety box or bag. Online class is $20, but coupon is available in the description for those who can’t afford it right now.

Coming soon…

Stick Medicine, a free class on using twigs, barks and buds.

Community Approaches to Disaster Situations is based on my experience responding to environmental and political disasters. I taught this class in-person for 5 years. Soon it will be available online.

Troika, an exploration of archetypes and the meaning of the number three in traditional herbalism. A few of the threes: spirit, mind & body; creation, destruction, recreation; the three body types, the Three Bears, the Three Pigs; the three aspects of the Morrigan; the Norns. Learn how to assess yourself according to body type, archetype, personality, and other aspects of the Troika.

And, more classes on developing your own system of traditional herbalism.

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