How it all began

I’ve spent a lot of time observing people and plants. Learning to tell trees apart by bark alone takes time and an eye for subtlety. Learning to see people and match them to plants requires all of the senses. Finding out that what people believe about healing and medicine can limit or expand the possibilities of health and wellness.

I’ve found healing and medicine in the sticks and the stones, in the wind and the water, in flowers and fruit, in birds and beasts.

Each thing that I make is a process of healing. I feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair as I gather plants and stones, bits of glass from the lake, nut shells and seeds.

As the art takes shape, I listen to birds and feel the heat from the green house that is attached to my studio, which I call the Seed House.

Originally, the Seed House was a class room, but my classes have outgrown the space and now it is a place of creation, healing, and destruction. The great three in my life. The Troika. More on the Troika later.

The Seed House today as my studio.