The Elder – Part 1

I’ll show you your fears so you can see again.

Lady Ellhorn, give me some of thy wood and I will give thee some of mine when it grows in the forest.

— Traditional European saying for those using Elder

Lore of the Elder is widespread and varied in the Northern hemisphere. But I’ve found that on many levels Elder is associated with the eyes and specifically with the many meanings of sight.

Elder stimulates congested tissues. When those tissues are in the head, breathing, vision, and even hearing can be dulled. A hot infusion of the flowers and leaves or a decoction of the berries will drain the congestion from the head, clearing the respiratory tract, and clearing the head. Helping you see more clearly again.

However, there are deeper meanings in the stories of Elder. It was believed that Elder conferred the ability to see the fairies, though those stories are quite clear that seeing the fairies is a dangerous ordeal that many never return from. In fact, some stories say NOT to close your eyes in sleep under an Elder tree or you’ll find yourself in the fairy world. Forever.

Apparently the fairies send rainbows to dogs. This is MalyBrat under the blooming Elder.