Imagine a Society…

Imagine a society where every child learns first aid and how to use 5 plants in elementary school.

What would this society look like? 

It would certainly be more prepared for disasters and crises.

Maybe it would be a society that valued disease prevention over disease management.

Or maybe real food would be valued as a primary source of nourishment instead of just meeting the nutritional bare minimum through recommended daily allowances and processed foods that are fractured, stripped, and spiked with additives. 

Perhaps it would place a much higher value on plants and the medicine they offer. 

And of course it would outlaw pesticides, pollution, and other things that hurt us.

And maybe just maybe, it would find a way to eliminate social inequities. 

What else do you see in this society?

This is an excerpt from my online class called: Health & Safety Kits: Prevention and Preparedness. The class is available free or by donation.

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